Bling Night

At our first meeting for the year, we had a bling night which was full of fun.
Our very own president Noreen showed us a new wiring technique using 3 kinds of wires and we made bracelets which we could also use as structures in our floral designs.

At our last meeting for 2010, we had the Christmas breakup party with Kris Kringle and a delicious supper. Ria showed us how to make tear ribbon bows for wrapping presents. Jenny and Linda showed us how to make a unique Christmas Brooch. As shown in the slideshow below we had fun making and wearing them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


One thought on “Bling Night

  1. What a fantastic idea I personally run a florist in Cardiff named Carnations and have done so for over 20 years. I would be very interested in both stocking some of the items you display here and also using them so as to complement my floral arrangements. Please visit my work at where contact details can be found, along with pages that showcase my own work. Finally what a great blog you have here in its entirety.

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