June/July/August 2017 Meetings

At our June meeting we had an impose workshop and we all came up with different designs using the same material provided. Thank you to Rosie and Elizabeth for preparing the surprise kits for us to use. We had bark, bamboo, apples, onions, leucadendrons, liliums and more in the bags to choose from.

In July, we were preparing for our upcoming show. Elizabeth and Sandra demonstrated a selection of designs for Novices and Intermediates to learn from. We learnt how to wire a Camellia and discussed how to use the allocated space provided on the bench for the show.

In August, we had our AGM and Marion Baker, the president of the Waverley Garden Club came to chair the AGM elections. After several years of great work as president, Noreen left the committee this year with our heartfelt thanks. Elizabeth Oberin was elected as the new President and Jan Impey is the new Secretary whilst Rosie Dougherty remains as the Treasurer. Ria Henley, Rhonda Dare, Sandra Fallu, Jo White, Binu Sreekuamr and Haeztra Goonetilleke were elected to the committee. A warm welcome to the new committee members Binu and Jan. At the completion of the AGM, Elizabeth showed us the essential items we should have in our basic tool box to do floral art. Then we discussed the Elements and Principles of Design as we learnt more about how to utilise the bench space allowed for our show this month. As the upcoming October meeting is going to be a workshop on “Freestyle” designs, Elizabeth showed us 2 lovely arrangements and advised us what to look for as containers, flowers and branches etc to make a Freestyle.


April/May 2017 Workshops

In April, we had a workshop where we all learnt learnt how to make a basic structure to be used in contemporary designs. ‘A triad design’ was the bench title, ‘Autumn foliage’ was for ‘From the Garden’ and ‘button hole’ was for wired work.

In May, we had a Wired Work workshop conducted by Rosie. We all learnt how to wire a Corsage properly and had fun making them. The bench title was ‘Long and Low'(horizontal design)’ and ‘Foliage’ was for ‘From the Garden’.


March 2017 Colour Workshop

At the March meeting we looked at colour harmonies associated with Triad colour schemes and learnt how to use the colour wheel to pick the Triad colours. A big thank you to Noreen for teaching us the Triad concept and we all had fun working out the various colours and picking tints, tones and shades of the chosen colours to use. The bench was filled with “Go for Green” designs and “stem, spike or truss” from the garden.


February 2017 Meeting

We started off the year with a ‘Back to Basics’ workshop. Noreen and Elizabeth spoke about the use of Oasis floral foam and the importance of conditioning the flowers. Then they showed us the differences between modern, traditional and contemporary designs. Noreen taught us the importance of the principles of Balance, Dominance, Contrast, Scale, Proportion, Rhythm, Unity and Harmony in floral design. We all had fun making a simple design and then discussing the tools we use to achieve a good design, namely the elements of space, line, colour, pattern, form and textures. The bench title was ‘Let’s Cool it’ and ‘stem, spike or truss’ was the horticultural item.

October/November 2016

At our October meeting we had a workshop on ‘ínverted crescent’. Thank you Noreen for showing us how to make such a lovely graceful design. ‘My Choice’ was the bench title and we had ‘ A decorated Gift Box’ for wired work. A stem, spike or truss was the horticultural item from the garden.
In November, Nola Shelley and Ria Henley were awarded life memberships by Marion Baker, president of the Waverley Garden Club. Both Nola and Ria have served in the committee for a combined total of 58 years! Ria is still a very valuable committee member although Nola stepped down a few years ago. Congratulations Ria and Nola!
This being the last meeting for the year, we celebrated Christmas with Kris Kringle, supper and by doing a lovely Christmas design using a table mat (shown by Elizabeth). We also donated Christmas gifts for the less fortunate at the Alamein Neighbourhood Centre. Vera Singleton memorial prize for the best aggregate in Open was won by Jenny. Ginta,  Binu and Haeztra won the best aggregate for Intermediate, Novice and Horticultural respectively. The popular vote for the best Christmas design on the bench in November was won by Elizabeth. (Note – Christmas designs are placed in the Xmas Photo Gallery tab).

September 2016

A month earlier than usual, we had our Birthday meeting in September this year. Barbara Horder from Sale Floral Art Group was the guest demonstrator who enthralled us with 6 wall hangings called “Recycled”.  She used dried Leucodendron stems, grasses, lichen covered branches and used CDs to make these stunning designs. Members from Box Hill, Brighton, Vermont Floral Art Groups and Waverley Garden Club members joined us to celebrate our Birthday with a delicious supper afterwards.







Show/AGM 2016

July meeting was all about the upcoming Show and some of the committee members showed us how to design a few of the show schedule items. ‘Off the Show Schedule’ was the bench topic and we were given lots of tips on how to exhibit at the show and we learnt ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to do’ for our upcoming show. ‘Camellia’ was the topic for the ‘from the garden’ bench and we brought in quite a few different varieties from our gardens.

In August, we had our Annual General Meeting chaired by Marion Baker, the president of the Waverley Garden Club. Noreen was reelected as President and Elizabeth was reelected as the Secretary. Rosie continues as Treasurer whilst Ria, Joe, Rhonda, Sandra and Haeztra remain in the committee.  A big thank you to Jenny and Alicja who left the committee this time after serving on the committee for several years.

After the AGM we enjoyed making a floating tea cup design. We had fun trying to balance the cup and saucer but ended up with so many pretty designs (as shown below). Thanks to Linda and others who shopped for the small tea cups, glue and prepared them ahead for us to fill with flowers.