June/July/August 2019 Meetings

At our June meeting Rosie led us in a workshop making structures. Using the tatami technique we made circular cane structures to be used with flowers and foliage to form floral arrangements. The bench was filled with “design of your choice showing depth”, “buttonhole”  for wired work and “Stem, spike or truss”  from the garden.

In July, we were preparing for our upcoming show. Noreen, Elizabeth, Sandra and Sophie demonstrated a selection of designs for Novices and Intermediates to learn from. We discussed the bench entries and ways of improving them and discussed the entry process and how to use the allocated space provided on the bench for the show.

In August, we had our AGM and Judy from the Waverley Garden Club came to chair the AGM elections. Elizabeth Oberin was reelected as the President whilst Rosie Dougherty remains as the Secretary and Treasurer.  Rhonda Dare, Sandra Fallu, Jo White, Jenny Peiper, Binu Sreekuamr, Sophie Ye and Haeztra Goonetilleke were reelected to the committee. After serving in the committee for a couple of years Jan Impey resigned this year. At the completion of the AGM, Sandra showed us the photos of the show via the projector. Noreen kindly critiqued all the exhibits through a judges eyes and we all learnt how to improve on them and never to repeat our mistakes. Then we enjoyed a delicious supper to celebrate the success of our floral art show last weekend.,



May 2019 Workshop

Rosie led us in another wiring workshop where we made beautiful wired posies. We learnt the techniques of wiring different leaves and flowers and put them together to make pretty little bouquets. The bench was titled “horizontal designs” which we learnt last month. “Stem, Spike and Truss ” was “from the garden”.








April 2019 Workshop

Noreen conducted a workshop on horizontal layered design at our April meeting. Using various dried and fresh materials along with flowers, leaves, bark and twigs we made some beautiful arrangements with horizontal lines as the dominant factor in the designs. We learnt how to create interest and areas of accents by using bold plant forms, different textures and contrasts of colours. ‘Designs including gluing techniques’ was the bench title and ‘foliage’ was the horticultural item.






March 2019 Gluing Workshop

At the March meeting we made wrist corsages and buttonholes whilst learning the gluing technique. Thanks to Rosie who showed and guided us in making interesting shapes with rustic wires before gluing flowers and leaves to create beautiful pieces. For the bench the title was ‘rhythm and flow’ and ‘stem, spike or truss’ was the horticultural item.



February 2019 Meeting

We started the new year 2019 with a workshop focusing on ‘Elements and Principles’. Noreen showed us how to do a traditional design and then all of us attempted to make a traditional design using an O Bowl. The bench was filled with designs titled ‘Calm and cool’ and ‘From the Garden’ was a stem, spike or truss.

December 2018 Meeting

We ended the 2018 year with an informative evening led by Noreen. At the request of some of our members, Noreen showed us many samples of foliage and made suggestions on various ways in which we can use them in our floral art designs. It is easier to grow most of these plants at home ready to be used whenever we need them. Being the Christmas meeting, the bench was filled with Xmas wreaths and Sandra Fallu was judged the winner by popular vote.

During the meeting we all had the pleasure of witnessing our president Elizabeth Oberin being handed the ‘John Pascoe Fawkner Gold Award’ by the Royal Horticultural Society for her great contribution to floral art over the years. She is also the president of Victorian Floral Art Association Inc and is a very worthy recipient of this award. Congratulations Elizabeth!

The bench winners for 2018 were Noreen Donovan for Open, Ginta Pindard for Intermediate, and Binu Sreekumar for Novice. ‘Wired work’ was won by Sophie Ye and ‘From the garden’ was won by Haeztra Goonetilleke. We had lots of chatter sharing a delicious supper afterwards.

October 2018

On the 16th of October, we celebrated our 56th Birthday when members from Box Hill, Brighton, Vermont Floral Art Groups and the Waverley Garden Club members joined us. Nicole Gibson who is the head teacher at Marjorie Milner College of Floristry was the guest demonstrator who was assisted by Susie Portelli. Nicole used to be a member of our floral art group and she showed us seven beautiful contemporary arrangements at  the meeting. The night ended with a delicious supper and fellowship.