May/June 2011 Meetings

We were very fortunate to have 3 very talented ladies from the Vermont Floral Art Group demonstrate at our May meeting. We are thankful to Myrna, Marion and Barbara who thrilled us all by their floral creations. For bench work we had “Mother’s day posy in a bridie holder” and “Decorated Bottle” for wired work. (see below for photos).

On the 6th of May we had the Waverley Garden Club’s 50th birthday celebration dinner. Our president Noreen did a great job creating two magnificent pedestal arrangements for the hall while our secreatary Elizabeth made pretty table napkin holders in the shape of a leaf. The floral centre pieces made with sticks and candles were very stylish and an enjoyable night was had by all. (Pictures are up on the Photo Gallery page).

Congratulations to our very own Beth who was awarded the 2011 Minister of Health award for 10 years of Volunteer work. She is a worthy recipient of this unique award for her tireless work at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

At our next meeting Noreen will show us a contemporary design done by Hitomi Gilliam at the ‘Floral Rendezvous 2010’ workshop in Perth last September. We will learn new techniques taught by Hitomi. Please bring the following for this workshop.
Plain trough-like square container approximately 24 cm long, 10-14 cm deep.
Wet floral foam block to fit and be raised above the rim approx 2 cms.
4 bamboo stakes approx 45 cm high
6 aspradista leaves
3 – 4 tall liliums, arum lilies, green goddess lilies.
Bunch of roses, carnations, large headed chrysies, mini gerberas.
Some small flowers. eg. small chrysies, berries, succulents.
Trailing mateirial. eg. jasmine, fern, willow.
Tools – eg. Wires, cutters, paper covered wires for tying.
See you all on the 21st June for this exciting workshop.
Don’t forget the bench work – Line arrangement and corsage.


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