August/September Meetings

On the 16th of August we had our Annual General Meeting which was well attended. We are grateful to Waverley Garden Club member Nancy Gray for chairing our meeting. We welcomed Jo White as a new committee member. After the AGM, our president Noreen gave us cane kits and Haeztra showed us how to make twirly cane structures with them which could be used for ‘Swirl and Twirl’ entries at the upcoming show.
At our September meeting Jenny and Linda introduced us to an international guest ‘Dolly Parton’. It was a fun filled floral surprise as they showed us a horticultural frock complete with belts, handbags, necklaces, earrings, bracelet, shoes and a parasol accompanied by a cat and a dog.
The images below show the frock, the cat, necklace and a pair of shoes along with some of the bench work entitled ‘Using a Structure’ and ‘Decorated Parcel of wired work’ at the September meeting.



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