August /September 2013 Meetings

On the 20th of August 2013, we had our 51st Annual General Meeting. The new committee members elected are Noreen Donovan (president), Elizabeth Oberin (secretary), Joe White (treasurer), Alicja Kowalczyk, Jenny Peiper, Haeztra Goonetilleke,  Ria Henley, Sharon Cummingham and Sandra Fallu.  After the AGM, our president Noreen showed us a powerpoint presentation of floral art through the ages and Sandra showed us a video clip from the garden club archives of the 1975 Camellia Show. Then we enjoyed a wonderful supper provided by the members.

At our September meeting, Noreen and Alicja conducted a contemporary workshop where we made roundels and learnt the techniques of pinning and wrapping and made a variety of beautiful designs as shown below.  


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