Our president Noreen along with CheGon and Haeztra were invited to demonstrate at the October monthly meeting of the Waverley Garden Club. Noreen did a modern arrangement with red waratahs and bark followed by an European arrangement with roses, lotus pods and dried palm leaves.
Chegon used a pumpkin as a container and filled it with yellow proteas, leucodendrons, pink boronias and ferns. She also did a parallel arrangement with red anthuriums and heliconias on a base covered with geralton wax and fragrant geranium leaves.
Haeztra made a crescent shape by weaving cordyline foliage and added red camellias and begonias. For the second design she had covered 2 round wooden containers with Nori sheets and placed pink sim carnations in between them and on top.

Vermont Floral Art Group had invited our president Noreen and committee member Linda as demonstrators for their monthly November meeting. Noreen used green Midellino sticks in a loop with green Hosta leaves and white lilies in one design. Next she covered a silver structure with red roses and anthuriums. For the third design she used pink Midellino sticks woven through a mesh and placed an oasis ball covered with leaves and decorative beeds. A few purple orchids and pink gerberas completed the stunning design.
Linda made a horticultural handbag, hat, necklace, shoes and a cute puppy so creatively.
The slide show below shows some of the designs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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