2012 – our Golden Jubilee year

Welcome to our Golden Anniversary year! Our president Noreen and the committee members are all excited about our 50th Birthday year and they are planning a special birthday luncheon on Saturday 13th October.
In our schedule for this year there are a few workshops planned and we have had interest from non members and members of other floral art groups (see the schedule 2012 tab on the menu).
We welcome all non members to these workshops and the cost is only $10.00. You will have to pay for any kits/supplies separately. On the 21st February for our first meeting, we will have a skills night workshop and all are welcome. Bring along a few flowers and foliage.

Congratulations to Noreen Donovan who is now an accredited horticultural judge. A fortnight ago she was awarded the certificate as she became a professional horticultural judge (in addition to being a floral art judge). Well done Noreen, we’re all proud of you!

This year for the bench, we have introduced a new item called “something from your garden” as Noreen can now judge that and give us the tips about exhibiting from a horticultural angle. Every entry on the bench (floral art and horticultural) will get a raffle ticket which will go into a draw at the end of the year and you could be a winner!

Congratulations also to Jenny Peiper for winning the People’s choice award of the 2011 Apack FlowerGoss Online Cup Competition. The theme for the competition was ’40th Wedding Anniversary dinner’. Jenny used the heart shaped red Apack bouquet holders and made this beautiful Anniversary design for a foyer shown below. She won an Apack voucher for $100 which she has kindly donated to our floral art group and we’ll be using it to celebrate our golden anniversary. Well done and thank you Jenny.


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