Feb/March 2013 Meetings

We started the new year with a skills workshop for our February meeting. Noreen showed us how to fill a folded chicken wire mesh with various horticultural material and use it to enhance a floral design. Linda showed us how to pass a flax leaf through slits made in bird of paradise leaves. She also showed us so many different ways to cover test tubes used in floral art. Noreen also showed us how to do threading and stringing of orchids and attach to wool covered collars in floral arrangements. We all had fun making our own designs incorporating these techniques. A big thank you to Linda and Noreen for sharing their talents with us.

We were delighted to have guests from Box Hill, Vermont and Ashburton floral art groups for out March meeting.  Linda, Alicja and Jenny prepared mystery boxes of various materials for the impose titled “Guess Where”. Noreen made an African design, Sharon did an European design and Elizabeth made an Australian design to impress us all.



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