May 2013 Meeting

Josie Brennan of FASV and the Vermont Floral Art Group was our guest demonstrator at our May meeting.

Josie had made her own intricate armature by bending and twisting paper covered Aluminium wire which she then decorated with beautiful orchids inside test tubes.  Next she used a cylindrical floral wire mesh covered in white wool as a container and placed a few delicate flowers to make a stunning contemporary design. Then a small oasis container was covered with beautiful white flowers and silver foliage and 2 battery operated candles to make a lovely table centre-piece. Lastly she made a pot et fleur with cyclamen plants and succulents in a container covered with bark which can be used as an ideal gift.
All her creations were greatly admired by all present and we thank Josie for the huge effort she put in as preparation for the demo.

The bench was filled with the Modern designs(that we all learnt at our last meeting).


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