February 2014

We started 2014 with a skills night on February 18th when some of our own members showed us some techniques
. Jenny showed us how to use a pasta machine to treat yucca leaves in such a way that the soft green outer part of the leaf is split and spread apart leaving the inner fibre intact. Then Haeztra showed us how to plait a flax leaf and make a three ply braid. Noreen showed us various ways of manipulating an Aspidistra leaf and how to transform 2 round hoops with decorative wires and wool. Linda made a corsage by covering a stick on name label with lambs ears, decorative wires and roses.

Our bench was full with lots of entries for ‘hot hot’ and the horticultural ‘something from your garden’ seemed to be popular with a ‘spike, stem or truss’. See below for all the bench items and some of the arrangements we made on the day using the new techniques we learnt.



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