March/April/May 2014

At the March meeting we greeted friends from Vermont, Box hill, Ashburton and Brighton to the “guess why” impose where Ria, Jenny and Haeztra were given the same items that Noreen had kindly put together as a surprise. Its amazing how 3 people could produce 3 totally different designs from the identical material given.

Jenny and Rosie once again taught us the basics of wired word at our April meeting and showed us how to construct a miniature structure for wiring corsages. We all had fun experimenting with wired structures. The bench was titled ‘Stop and Smell the Roses’ and ‘a stem, spike or truss’ was from the garden.

A big thank you to all the members who helped us celebrate Mother’s day at Brandon Park shopping centre on the 9th of May. We surprised many shoppers by giving away free cup cakes and floral gifts while promoting our Floral Art Group and activities. 

We were very grateful to Jeannie Finlayson and her assistant Heather Bruce who travelled a long way to be with us on a cold night to lead a creative workshop in May. They taught us a new contemporary method of finger crocheting Aluminium wires into different shapes and turning it into a contemporary design with raffia paper covered test tubes. They showed us some lovely preprepared designs using these wire structures. A  big thank you to Noreen for preparing the kits ahead for all of us. We welcomed 9 newcomers who learnt the new technique very enthusiastically. The bench ‘featuring Chrysies’, ‘wired corsage for the Mother of the bride’ and ‘foliage’ from the garden were popular.



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