June/July/Aug 2014 Meetings

We were very fortunate to have Janet Alesich from Floral Art Society of Victoria to demonstrate to us at out June meeting.  She made 5 wonderful designs, each one in totally different colour combinations and using very interesting plants from the garden. We were fascinated by her creativity and all went home inspired.(see below for photos).

At our July meeting we had some of the committee members demonstrate some items from the show schedule to us. Elizabeth showed ‘Power of One’ and Noreen showed ‘Windswept (free style)’. Jenny showed different ways of doing ‘Horticulture Jewellery’ and Sharon showed ‘Tints and Tones’. Noreen also showed us how to exhibit and wire camellias. We all picked up valuable hints before the upcoming show.(see below for photos).

Peter Moscovic, the Waverley garden club treasurer came to chair our AGM in August. The committee members for the new year are Noreen Donovan, Elizabeth Oberin, Joe White, Ria Henly, Sharon Cunningham, Jenny Peiper, Alicia Kowalczyk, Sandra Fallu, Haeztra Goonetilleke and Rosie Dougherty. A warm welcome to Rosie to the committee as we look forward to the year ahead. Noreen showed us some of the new techniques she learnt in South Australia recently and we all watched with interest as she demonstrated to us.


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