June/July/August 2015 Meetings

The June meeting happened to be on a very cold winters night. But we had lots of enthusiastic members turn up to learn about the schedule for the upcoming show. The bench items were off the show schedule and our president Noreen explained the show schedule in detail and demonstrated the Tatami technique. Elizabeth explained the importance of the size of the bench space allowed vs the size of the design.

In July, Noreen surprised us all with a mystery bag of goodies for the impose workshop meeting. Each one of us got a black square container along with wool, polystyrene balls, pink curly ting tings, pink proteas, flax, cineraria silver dust and geranium leaves and we all managed to make up so many different designs with them. The bench was again ‘from the show schedule’ and camellias.

As it was just after our busy Floral Art show weekend in August, we had a relaxing night watching the slide shows of Dublin show and other floral art shows worldwide whilst enjoying a lovely supper and great fellowship.


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