June/July/August 2019 Meetings

At our June meeting Rosie led us in a workshop making structures. Using the tatami technique we made circular cane structures to be used with flowers and foliage to form floral arrangements. The bench was filled with “design of your choice showing depth”, “buttonhole”  for wired work and “Stem, spike or truss”  from the garden.

In July, we were preparing for our upcoming show. Noreen, Elizabeth, Sandra and Sophie demonstrated a selection of designs for Novices and Intermediates to learn from. We discussed the bench entries and ways of improving them and discussed the entry process and how to use the allocated space provided on the bench for the show.

In August, we had our AGM and Judy from the Waverley Garden Club came to chair the AGM elections. Elizabeth Oberin was reelected as the President whilst Rosie Dougherty remains as the Secretary and Treasurer.  Rhonda Dare, Sandra Fallu, Jo White, Jenny Peiper, Binu Sreekuamr, Sophie Ye and Haeztra Goonetilleke were reelected to the committee. After serving in the committee for a couple of years Jan Impey resigned this year. At the completion of the AGM, Sandra showed us the photos of the show via the projector. Noreen kindly critiqued all the exhibits through a judges eyes and we all learnt how to improve on them and never to repeat our mistakes. Then we enjoyed a delicious supper to celebrate the success of our floral art show last weekend.,



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