September/October/November 2019 Meetings

In September, Noreen conducted a contemporary workshop on spider web technique. We had fun learning such a versatile, adaptable contemporary technique that we can use to make all kinds of designs with minimum amount of flowers to produce maximum impact. The Bench was titled ‘awakenings’ and ‘stem, spike or truss’ was the horticultural item.
In October, we celebrated our 57th birthday and members from other floral art groups and Waverley Garden Club joined us. The wonderfully creative Janet Alesich was our guest demonstrator and we watched her make four spectacular arrangements, each one using different types of materials and techniques. This was followed by a delicious supper which we all enjoyed. There was no bench work this month.
In November, being the last meeting for the year, we had a workshop where we made Xmas table decorations using a grid made of sticks and a glass cube filled with Xmas baubles and holly etc. The bench design was a contemporary Xmas Design judged by popular vote. Jenny Peiper won the first prize and Rosie Dougherty won the second prize. Our president Elizabeth handed over the annual prizes for the bench winners for 2019. Elizabeth Oberin won the ‘open’ category, Ginta Pindard won ‘intermediate’ section, Rhonda Dare won the ‘novice’ section, Rosie Dougherty won ‘wired work’ and Haeztra Goonetilleke won ‘from the garden’ category. Congratulations to all the winners.


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